I thank you and your team for making my stay worthwhile. Your responses were swift and efficient as regards to addressing challenges and providing support. In totality, I got maximum satisfaction and am sure my colleagues feel same way.

Keep it up!

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Raphael Nnakwe
Youth Programme Assistant : Population Council

Indeed,it was a fun filled event at Tinapa all through. Personally, i don’t have any input rather than to say that you should keep the flag flying.


You certainly will see me again as your service was truly inviting. Keep it up.
Nnanna Wagbaranta

I wish to register my observation during my brief stay in your hotel as follows:
1. The rooms were comfortable, your mattres was quite good.
2. Your food…buffet was quite, quite good.
3. Lighting was excellent.
4. General treatment of guests was of standard.
5. The environment is clean and serene.

Nkanor okon